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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I hate you, Cracked.com

Why do you have to be so right? Give speaking the truth a break and whisper sweet lies in my ear!

What have I done? Actually DONE in my life? I've written most of a novel and painted some paintings. I can make really good pizza. But otherwise I'm a lazy, fat, nice person.

I need a post entry level crap job plan. I want it to involve writing.

I need to write more, and fight for a half-way decent job. I need to get sexy. I need to make a difference in this world with what I have now. It's not a lot.

I could set up a new save-folder.

I've just begun a system of folders that I put money into. One says ren faire, another steampunk con. One says car, one says medical, one says puppy. Another is called savings, and the last is called tattoos, keyboard, etc. Anything I want. I can put just a little money towards it. I should start a "do good things" folder. Feed hungry people, by gifts for children that might not get any, buy dog food for the humane society.

How can I say, 'oh when I'm rich I'll give to all kinds of charities and use my money to make the world better," if I'm not willing to do that now, with what I have? It doesn't have to be money. It could be my time. I could volunteer or do nice things for people that need or deserve it.

I have to stop lazing about and DO.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Goodbye, you fucking idiot

I'm so sorry to see you go. How could you?? You knew the risks. YOU KNEW. And yet. Christmas FUCKING morning. Your fiance and your kid are now out a family member. We should have slapped that mother-fucking beer out of your hands three weeks ago. You told us. You told us when we met you.

Alcohol is a gateway to relapse for heroin addicts.

You knew that too. I know it's not our fault. But man if I could have stood between you and the drug, I should have. We were so happy to see you happy that we ignored the signs.

You were opening your own shop, moving in with your lady, you were all excited over that stupid gun you bought. A lot of good that did you. You can't shoot heroin. Like that. God. That would be hilarious if you weren't dead.

We will miss you. We will miss your treacherous, raping douchebag D&D character. We're retiring the campaign, by the way. I don't think any of us could bare to play. We're gonna miss food runs with you. We'll miss that amazing spicy shrimp gumbo you made that one time. I wish we'd had more food nights.

Goodbye, Jimbrahm. Idiot. I hope you're somewhere awesome, being your bad, awesome self.