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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nothing like chopping off two feet of hair to christen a new lease on life

New life, new hair. I will write. I will work. I will fight. I will make my life awesome. I will be epic! And I might make a trophy out of my chopped ponytail.

I know, it must seem rash, dramatic and unnecessary. But here is a little bit of what I have mentally chopped away with my hair:

Me getting wasted and then taken advantage of by a man 16 years my elder. Losing my virginity to him. Worse losing a lot of my dignity to him by letting him yank me around by the emotions.

Briefly dating a violent, angry guy that sort of looked like goku at super saiyan 3, but with shorter hair. And all the cruel things he said when I told him I didn't want to be with him, like calling me an insta-slut, just add vodka.

Three years down the drain with an abusive liar that I allowed to use me, and worse left me damaged and distrusting. Worst of all I just dropped everything that mattered for him. I stopped going to school. I stopped writing (some of the time). I painted less.

High school. Very few good memories there.

All the friends that vanished after high school.

The church family that I lost, when we all scattered to the four winds for college.

My old midtown condo in the ghetto. Hopefully I never have to hear somebody get shot ever again.

Finding out that my ex-sister-in-law was a whore and had been fucking another man behind my brother's back for a decade. And finding out that neither of my nephews were really ours.

The three drunkest nights of my life.

And I suppose physically I chopped off all the damaged, unhealthy hair that grew out of my head while I was a vegan.... Just not enough fat and protein in my diet.


Saturday, October 26, 2013


And my period makes me horny as hell. More theories on this and alternatively how to make microwave mug brownies later. (And yes, I've just finally obtained a computer to write from, so I should be more attentive from here on out)