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Friday, June 21, 2013

Well that seems to be over. What next?

I believe my ex has found a new fuck buddy.


His "lesbian" anime buddy.

Called it.

Moving on. Did not feel well today. Managed to convince a couple different coworkers to cover different parts of my shift. I didn't think Abbey was going to cover for me, so I was going to work  9 to midnight, but then she showed up a couple minutes after I did. YAY!

So I'm going to bake her and "Buttery" (seriously that's his last name. AWESOME.) cookies to thank them. Also I would really, REALLY like to get my life together.

And apparently one common aspect of really successful people is that they tend to keep some kind of journal. Now that I think about it, I think I tend to do better if I keep a consistent blog. So I'm gonna go for it. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Again!

So. AHEM. Dear... Journal? I need to lose weight, get packed for my move, work out more, spend more time with my puppy to make sure she's balanced and happy, spend more time with my friends, my artwork and my writing to make sure I'M balanced and happy. Do I want a boyfriend? Not sure. I think I'm going to see how weight loss and toning goes first.

 I want to finish my associate and get started on a four year degree. I'd like to have a masters that will facilitate work as an art therapist. I'd like to finish my novel and start another. In the mean time I will be sending my first out to see if I can't nab an agent. I would like a better job. Dream before college completion job: Clerical work in the Library system.

Before that, I think an extra part time job would be good. I don't think I'm cut out to be a receptionist. Every time I read the description of a job I think to myself "That sounds horribly boring!"

Also, I think I would like to set my home up a little more minimalist, so that I'm less easily distracted. I'm going to have less space in my new condo. That's definitely ok, I'm tired of taking charity from my family. This is still charity, yes, but I can pay for this charity.

Man, my ex's computer SUCKS. I think I remember why I so enjoyed the mac book. Maybe I CAN get it repaired. Updated. All that jazz. I can't believe they still cost a thousand dollars... GEEZ.

Oh, that reminds me. I'd like a tablet with a keyboard or else a net book. I also want some tattoos and a keyboard with weighted keys. A full keyboard. I'd also really like a mig welder and a few other sweet tools to start doing my own steampunk sculptures.

I think that pretty much covers it. I want to change my life. Here we go.